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Possible Scenario If An Asteroid Struck New York, San Francisco & Chicago

Apr 16, 2017 02:33 AM EDT


Reports about asteroids closing on our planet have been prevailing for the past few months. Most who heard it were terrified and will ask is there a chance that it will hit the Earth? The latest news gives possible scenarios of what could happen if an asteroid struck Earth particularly in areas of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Asteroids are space rocks that move around the solar system. They are usually called "minor planets" while the larger ones are called "planetoids". It is said that about 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit the Earth that made a massive explosion and killing almost all species that was living that time including the dinosaurs. And every year, scientist always warned people that Earth must prepare for it.

Many reports throughout the decade say that asteroid will collide with Earth at any given time but it never happened as of this time. Many say that if it will truly hit the planet it is already predicted in the Bible so why are people be afraid? Recent reports now detail circumstances that could take place if an asteroid does hit some areas on Earth.

Last month, DMail Online gives some terrifying scenarios that will happen if an asteroid will crash into some major US city today. According to NASA's data and studies, the deadliest scenario could occur in Chicago if an 1805-foot-wide near-Earth object (NEO) will strike the city. An estimated 9.5 million casualties will be recorded and a 'searing heat' will prevail over Cedar Rapids, Grand Rapids, and Milwaukee.

Another city that will suffer the same fate is San Francisco. If a 984-foot-wide space rock will impact the city, it could lead to more than seven million deaths and an eight-mile radius of fireball will take over. Lastly, New York will have around 2.5 million casualties if a 328-foot-wide NEO slams the city and a fireball of up to 1.84 miles will follow.

Forbes further added that thermal radiation could also be felt in majority areas in New York like Yonkers, Queens, and Newark. The terrible effect of radiation could make the skin burn or simply cook people alive due to heat discharged during the asteroid's impact.

Disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. The purpose of the studies is not to scare people but rather prepare scientist and other agencies to get ready for the worst case scenario if indeed an asteroid impact will happen on Earth.

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