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NASA Plans To Send Out A Crewed Mission To Venus To Understand Climate Change On Earth

Apr 17, 2017 05:23 PM EDT


NASA appears to be determined of continuing its initial plan of sending a crewed mission to Venus. Latest news is saying that they have tied up with a Russian partner to make the exploration happen. Will the mission help scientists to figure out the climate change on Earth?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA is a US space agency which primary task is to study the Earth but later ordered to explore the solar system as well. For the past years, they have been very active in setting up numerous mission on space to study matters beyond Earth. Now, it appears that their next move is a crewed mission heading to Venus.

Earlier reports have already linked NASA to a Venus exploration. The purpose of the said space voyage is to prepare them for a man mission to Mars that said to be happening in the near future. But, this time around, the US space agency have a bigger objective on going to 'Earth's evil twin'.

According to Daily Star, the space mission to Venus might be a collaboration between Russia and the United States. Though there is still political conflict between the two countries, both NASA and Roscosmos Space Agency are ready to work out a master plan to send a crewed delegation to the said planet.

NASA and Roscosmos named the crewed mission as Venus-D that aims to help scientist understand the effects of climate change on Earth. Initial details are also saying that the Russian space agency will provide an orbital and landing module together with a rocket that will transport it to Venus while the US space agency will supply the atmospheric probes that could last the duration of the mission.

Earlier this month, Forbes also divulged information about the US space agency plan of a crewed mission to Venus. The mission could be a dry run for a huge and ambitious human exploration to planet Mars. NASA could also use the opportunity to test its Space Launch System (SLS) to 'Earth's evil twin' before the Red Planet's exploration.

The Venus mission might involve of sending mobile surface device like rovers to help out explore and investigate the Venusian surface. If things will pan out, the exploration could simply close the gap to other space mission being considered by NASA to try out.

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