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Climate Experts Reveals Alarming Sea Level Rise That Could Create Chaos In West Coast And Other States

Apr 18, 2017 12:10 PM EDT

Flooded area in Southern California
(Photo : David McNew/Getty Images) The rapid sea level rise in parts of West Coast particularly in Southern California could mean more flooding and inundation.

Latest data reveals alarming signs on a very staggering sea level rise lately. Due to the climate change prevailing on Earth, this event is not surprising at all these days. Now, climate experts issued a warning to people particularly in the West Coast to prepare for the recent event could lead to chaos in the near future.

For the past couple of years, climate change has posed an absolute danger to humans according to recent studies. It has extremely affected the environment nowadays and it is not surprising the ill effects and many changes that it has already brought. And one significant effect that it has obviously brought out is the continuous rise of sea level today.

And now, recent reports have released some alarming projections and effects on its sudden rise. According to Phys.Org, the rapid sea level rise along the California's coast have made experts study the phenomenon in the area. Though experts know that the polar ice loss and greenhouse gas emission are the cause of such event, the purpose of the studies is to know a better perspective of the future.

And results shows a shocking figure on the rise of the sea level in the coming years. Experts say that if there's a mitigation effort that people will work out in the area, there's 67 percent probability that the Bay Area will be subject to a sea level rise between 1 foot to 2.4 feet by 2100. But, if people will not act and just ignore the sign, chances are there will be a significant increase of 1.6 feet to 3.4 feet to the area.

On a separate report by The Daily Breeze, the extreme sea level rise could mean frequent flooding along the Southern California that could also cause cliff, dune and beach erosion. And the past years, the area have experienced and saw extreme inundation on streets and low-lying homes in the beach area during major storms.

With the risk of total chaos, Los Angeles officials are now promoting renewable energy, electric cars, carbon offset taxes and other ways to reduce the green gas emission by 40 percent in California. While Long Beach are contemplating on changing and reinforcing its breakwater to prevent further damage of the sea level rise threat to the area.

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