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NASA Reveals Saturn Moon Titan 'Electric Sand' Could Make Castles: Is Alien Life Has Something To Do About It

Apr 18, 2017 05:59 PM EDT


NASA once again reveals one stunning discovery they have on Saturn moon's Titan. The US space agency announced that 'electric sand' populated on the said moon could create super castles. Speculation is now spreading that aliens could be behind this amazing activity on the site.

For the past few days, NASA has divulged numerous findings on space that they have discovered lately. Most notable findings are the erupting plumes on Jupiter moon's Europa that was detected by the Hubble Space Telescope and the hydrothermal activity on Saturn's moon Enceladus where data and information were taken to Cassini space mission.

Now, another discovery to one of Saturn's moon once again caught the attention of scientist and astronomers. According to Space, NASA found out that the 'electric sand' that was discovered on Saturn moon Titan almost three weeks ago could make super castles made of the said material. Apparently, the sand castles could last for weeks due to the static cling of the sand's electrified condition.

NASA says that Saturn moon Titan is just like Earth that has rivers, lakes and oceans with dunes and plains that are covered by sand. However, Titan's sand is composed of organic molecules that become electrically charged in its own environment. And due to 'triboelectric effect', the 'electric sand' gather themselves and form what seems to be a castle.

Last month, Daily Star already unravel these 'electric sand' that has been prevailing the Saturn Moon Titan surface. And now, it appears that the said sands are creating towering pillars of what appears to be a castle. Rumors are now saying that this could be an alien world that was not yet explored.

But, scientists later discovered that an 'electric sandstorm' in Saturn moon Titan could be the main factor why this castle phenomenon is happening. For now, NASA is closely monitoring the said activity and practically seeing if indeed an alien form has something to do about it.

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