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Is There A Possibility To Live In The Red Planet, Mars: Here are The Things To Consider

May 06, 2017 01:16 PM EDT

Mars - The Red Planet
(Photo : Thomas Pickett/Youtube) Though there are still debates whether the red planet, Mars is available for habitat, still there are things to consider for it is dangerous. However, some study saw that there is a possibility by 2030 it will be available for human.

Mars, also known as the Red Planet, is one of the most familiar places in the solar system with near 24-hour day cycles that has lakes with water, mountains, and valleys. It shares the same characteristics as Earth. Also, there have been a lot of debates that this could be the next habitat that will be available for human by 2030. 

However, according to an article from Astronomy Magazine, there are a lot of things to consider when the human will transfer on Mars. First, the process of traveling and landing, second is that what kind of habitation does people will have there and lastly, the development of food and medicine will be hard at the Red Planet unlike in the planet Earth, wherein everything is fast paced. 

Entering and landing at Mars introduces a unique problem as the martian atmosphere is an extremely thin, it means that the air resistance for entering spacecraft has less help as it descends to the surface. Also, there is a little oxygen to breathe at the Red Planet, in fact, it only has 0.14 percent oxygen compared to the planet Earth that has 21 percent oxygen.

However, scientists discovered that there is this chemical on Mars called perchlorate wherein, it can be a possible source of breathable air inside the Red Planet, unlike in the planet Earth oxygen is the known source of air. But then, the downside is that it can interfere with metabolic functions, there will be a poor temperature regulation, sleeping disorders, and certain blood diseases, Space reported.

Also, one of the things to consider in Mars is that there is this dangerous radiation that can greatly affect humans. The planet earth has a magnetic field generated that can protect the planet from harmful radiation. 

It seems that there are things to consider once scientists decided to let human leave planet earth and transfer them to Mars. Hence, according to some studies if there will be further research about it especially that these two planets have a lot of common, maybe soon it will be really possible for a human to start a normal life there in the Red Planet.

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