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Samsung, TCL, And Hisense Have Made “QLED Alliance,” An Initiative To Counter The Popularity Of LG’s OLED

May 06, 2017 11:52 AM EDT


Three major TV manufacturers and simultaneously competitors Samsung, TCL, and Hisense have together made a new deal. An initiative to throw a challenge to another competitor LG.

According to Digital Trends, Samsung, TCL, and Hisense are regarded as the leading manufacturers of television in the world. Recently these three companies have signed an agreement to make a "QLED Alliance". The aim behind this step is to promote the QLED TVs and to throw a stiff competition to counter LG's OLED TVs.

Until now, Samsung was the sole author of the trademark QLED. LCD TVs that are manufactured so far by this South Korean giant using the quantum dots can only use the terminology QLED. But, an agreement with two other major competitors has made this terminology available for TCL and the Hisense companies. These two companies now can use this term on their displays using the quantum dot technology.

This deal is very meaningful as it can explore the probability for other major television manufacturers to create new partnerships to avail the QLED. No doubt this move is against LG that has also formed a coalition in order to promote the OLED TVs. The increasing popularity of OLED has forced Samsung to make a deal with TCL and the Hisense.

The said agreement between the South Korean giant and other two leading TV manufacturers was announced in Beijing recently. Actually, the announcement took place during the event of QLED International Forum hosted by the Chinese Electronics Chamber of Commerce or CECC. In a word, this event creates a suitable platform for Samsung to complete the final words with the TCL and the Hisense.

Popular nanotech company Nanosys presented its roadmap for the future of the quantum dot technology while participating in the event. The company even announced the introduction of the "true QLED" TVs in the market in the future time. Now the deal between Samsung, TCL, and Hisense will obviously boost the future of the QLED TVs.

Samsung's QLED TV is famous for having the quantum dot filter in its display that provides unique picture quality. Actually, quantum dots filter light coming from the LED, in order to produce better color. This ultimately enhances the picture quality and the performance of the TVs. Now TCL and Hisense want to have this performance in their televisions.

Currently, the available QLED TVs in the market are mainly based on the LCD technology. According to Flatpanelshd, QLED TV is the marketing term used for an LCD TV. But the advent of the true QLED TVs in future times must ditch this LCD technology. They will be equipped with quantum dots to produce better display, and companies like Samsung, TCL, Hisense will play the lead roles in this arena.

The true QLED TVs will not only produce a better color and brightness through Quantum dots but will be capable of achieving true blacks. OLED TVs are popular for these true blacks. Now the true fact is Samsung has a strong foothold in the arena of technology. It is quite possible that the company will try to achieve more success with TCL and Hisense.

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