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Motorola Reportedly Working On A New Moto Tablet This Year

May 07, 2017 06:39 PM EDT


Motorola is now in the process of bringing out a new Android-based tablet this year. Controlled by their parent firm Lenovo, the organization will be unveiling the new device under their 'Moto' branding itself. Moto's last major tablet for the markets was in 2011 where they had introduced the Droid Xybord that came in two variants.

The Android market for tablets has been performing poorly for some time now, due to lack of good tablets to counter Apple's iPads. Looking at the sales charts, Apple has a very dominant presence in the industry where they are now marketing numerous iPad variants available at different prices. According to Android Police, the new Moto tablet will have a premium build quality with an approximate size of 9-10 inches.

As reported by The Verge, Moto is certainly offering great multi-tasking options part on their new device. The new Moto tablet will be primarily marketed with productivity in mind. A similar set of features present in the Yoga Book will also be present on the new tablet from Motorola. The new feature lets users run two apps side by side even if it's not a part of software integration like in the existing Nougat operating system from Google.

The Moto tablet will also feature navigable to the home screen or just get back to the previously used app etc. Reports from the Android Authority seems to suggest that Moto has opted for a great business model by introducing a dedicated productivity mode on the device especially since most manufacturers aim to sell their products with entertainment in mind.

The website also reported that Google themselves haven't managed to come with a great solution for multi-tasking in general in their own products like the Nexus 9 or even the latest Pixel C from their premium device lineup. While the actual specifications or the display resolution isn't known yet, Moto has certainly attracted their potential audience right away.

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