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Volcano Eruption In Guatemala Pacified On Saturday: Three Hundred Evacuated People Availed Great Relief

May 08, 2017 04:33 AM EDT


Normalcy prevailed near the area of Guatemala's capital after the eruption of a volcano subsided on Saturday. A great relief for the panic-stricken local people who were evacuated on Friday.

A volcano located in the south part of Guatemala suddenly became highly active and started to throw the hot ash into the sky on Friday. The incident created a great panic among the people living in that area. The authority took initiatives and evacuated local people from that vicinity.

According to Voice of America, Insivumeh, the volcanic monitor of Guatemala, revealed the Fuego volcano was spewing thick columns of black ash into the air. The spitting of the ash exceeded 5,000 meters into the air. The flow of new lava and loud explosions were the initial outcomes of the volcano eruption.

The Fuego volcano lies 30 kilometers southwest of the Guatemala City. As part of the precaution, 300 people were evacuated from the nearby village of Panimache on Friday. Classes were suspended in ten schools located in the southern Escuintla district as a result of the falling ash, occurred by the volcano eruption.

But, good news surfaced on Saturday when the condition of the Volcano was measured within normal parameters. According to Phys.org, David de Leon from the National Disaster Reduction Coordination body revealed this fact. He uttered that many people had already returned to their own homes. So far no news of property damage is reported.

Previously, in September 2012, a huge volcano eruption took place in Guatemala. The incident forced to release an evacuation order for ten thousand people. Another major eruption took place in 2015. This eruption forced to close the main airport of the capital temporarily.

Apart from Fuego volcano, Guatemala is the house of other two active volcanoes. They are Santiaguito and Pacaya. The recent eruption is not a natural phenomenon for the local people, but obviously a matter of concern.

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