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Male Birds Choose Their Friends Based On Similar Personality Traits: See Full Details Why

May 08, 2017 04:38 AM EDT


As the old saying goes, "birds of the same feather flock together," well it's no more just a saying. As the recent study proved that like humans, male birds like great tits (Parus major) tend to partner up those they have the most in common with.

Researchers from the Oxford University revealed that male birds like great tits (Parus major) choose their friends based on the personality. The researchers observed the social communication of this kind of birds for six consecutive breeding seasons.

The result suggests that male birds like great tits (Parus major) with an aggressive personality tend to make friends with similarly aggressive birds, especially during breeding season. While shyer birds tend to set up homes away from hostile ones,based on the study that was published in Animal Behaviour.

Katerina Johnson, a doctoral student who spearheaded the study, said that these male birds like great tits (Parus major) are really picky with personality as it will affect their decision when it comes to animal social interaction. While on the other hand, female birds likely to pick friends based on the qualities of males.

Also, the result revealed that local environmental conditions don't affect decision these male birds like great tits (Parus major) in choosing friends. Johnson and her team added that like humans, animals tend to form the social network based on "shared attributes including personality.'

When the researchers placed these male birds like great tits (Parus major) in a new environment, aggressive and bolder ones explored the surroundings, while the shyer birds have been hesitant and cautious. In a conclusion, Johnson and her team concluded that this type of animal decision among these birds will contribute to their survival and life expectancy. To be more updated with latest health and science news, keep in touch with Science Times.

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