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Health News: Pollen Has Negative Effects On Exam Performance, Study Says

May 09, 2017 01:41 AM EDT

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Pollen allergies are rampant during springtime. Unfortunately, it is also the examination season for Norwegian secondary students; making it a very bad combination.

A study conducted by Simon Bensnes at Norwegian University of Science and Technology's department of Economics examined the interplay between pollen levels and exam performance on secondary pupils. The results of the study say that pollen allergies have a negative effect on the exam results of pupils who suffer from hay fever.

Sniffing, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and runny noses, these are just a few of the effects of pollen allergy or hay fever. People who suffer from hay fever also trigger asthma and may experience tiredness and loss of concentration.

Hay fever is also called allergic rhinitis, often caused by inhaled pollen or other allergens and dangerous substances according to  Medical News Today. There are two types of hay fever: seasonal, which occurs only during the time of year in which certain plants pollinate, and perennial, which occurs all year round 

Teenagers who are affected by hay fever have a 40% risk of dropping grades between their mock and final exams. It rises to 70% if they are taking antihistamine treatments as reported by The Guardian.

Other than feeling lethargic, suffering hay fever during examinations has other impacts on a person's performance like dehydration, lousy feeling, and poor concentration.

Taking antihistamines could help, but it is advisable to take them two weeks before the symptoms start. This is to avoid the immediate side effects that could affect performance as well. Researchers said the sedating antihistamines have negative effects on their attention span, working memory, speed, and vigilance. It could also cause higher levels of fatigue and lower levels of motivation and activity.

The results from this study also proved that pollen allergies can affect performance outside the classroom and could affect work productivity as well. Bensnes pointed out that it may be possible to minimize the impact of fever in the school's system by proper diagnosis and medication for pollen allergy affected students.

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