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Global Warming Needs Proper Attention: The UN Negotiators Are Ready To Meet In Bonn To Address The Issue

May 08, 2017 08:31 AM EDT

 An aerial view of Jakarta's new seawall and land which has been sinking below sea level on April 27, 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia
(Photo : Ed Wray/Getty Images) Global Warming should be addressed properly, as the UN negotiators are ready to meet in Bonn to discuss the issue.

UN negotiators are ready to meet in Bonn to discuss and find solutions for the implementation of the climate rescue Paris Agreement. A meaningful initiative to address the global warming.

Currently, global warming is one of the key concerns that should be addressed strictly to meet the climate measures. Last year in 2016 the average surface temperature of the Earth hit a new record high for the third consecutive year. The World Meteorological Organization reveals that the average temperature was almost 1.1 degree Celsius over the pre-industrial levels. It was also 0.06 C above the past record that was set in the year 2015.

The trend of global warming is so acute that it affects the climate change negatively. Previous reports say summer sea ice in the Arctic region shrank to 4.14 million square km in 2016 when it was 3.39 million in 2012. If this trend continues, then the Arctic Ocean will probably be completely ice free by 2030. Even Antarctica also faces a crucial situation due to this warming.

The concentration of the Greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane in the atmosphere hit a new high in 2016, Phys.org reported. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was measured 400 ppm in 2015, which needs to be controlled immediately. Climate scientists opine that the concentrations of the greenhouse gas should be limited to 450 ppm of CO2. Because then the global warming can be tamed to some extent.

Warnings are also coming from the scientists for a continuous rise of the greenhouse gas, methane. Methane is much effective than CO2 to increase the warming effect in the existing atmosphere. It seems that global warming is the key concern for the climate scientists because it ultimately hampers the required normal atmosphere.

Another example of the global warming effect is the rise in the sea levels. Recent reports indicate the ocean level was almost 70 millimeters higher in the year 2015 than the measured water mark in 1993. This figure points out a steady rise in the water level in the oceans in the last ten years. This situation will aggravate in the near future as the glaciers and the ice sheets are melting rapidly around the world.

No doubt this ongoing process will create major problems for a huge number of people living in the low-lying areas. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uttered significantly in January about the rise in the sea level. The average sea level will remain between 0.3 meters and 2.5 meters higher by the year 2100. That means global warming will rapidly melt the ice sheets in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions.

According to The Science Times, the marine organisms are already affected severely by the decreasing level of oxygen in the oceans. Rapid occurring of the crucial "hypoxic events" also killed or displaced the populations of important organisms, fish, and crabs. All these things are taking place due to the increasing temperature of the ocean waters. Global warming is responsible for this increment of temperature.

It is quite difficult to ignore the links between the man-made climate change and some extreme events, like floods, droughts, major storms and others. No one can deny the fact that global warming is the key reason behind the rapid climate changes. The World Bank states that natural disasters forced twenty-six million people every year to face poverty. This finally causes $520 million annual losses.

According to IUCN's Red List, 8688 species of plants and animals are listed as the "threatened" species. Among them, 1688 species are affected negatively by the global warming or climate change. Great Barrier Reef of Australia was also experiencing bleaching due to this warming. Even scientists also declare that a portion of it may be irrecoverable.

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