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Diamond Can Generate Dynamic Unpolarized Single-Photon: New Important Stage For Quantum Computing

May 10, 2017 02:04 AM EDT

 Diamond such as the ones shown in this picture, is able to generate a single-photon for quantum computing research.
(Photo : David Silverman/Getty Images) Diamond such as the ones shown in this picture, is able to generate a single-photon for quantum computing research.

A team of scientists from Japan has found that diamond is able to generate a dynamic unpolarized single-photon with intrinsic randomness. This invention shed a new light for the quantum computing and other related implementation in quantum information technology.

In their research, Professor Keiichi Edamatsu and his colleague, Naofumi Abe, two scientists from the Tohoku University was able to use a diamond to generate the dynamically and statically unpolarized single-photon. The result of their invention is expected to play a very major, and even crucial role in the development of quantum computing.

Quantum computing is the frontier of the information technology, as it holds the potential to exceed the classical approach in the information technology, particularly in term of security and data processing. In the field of quantum computing, generating single-photon is very important. As the quantum data in the quantum computing has a measurement in size of the quantum bit, or qubit, which is related to the single-photon as data transfer.

A polarization of a single photon is a part of a two-state quantum-mechanical system in quantum computing. Prior to the research from Professor Edamatsu and Abe, scientists only focus on generating the single photon using in the pure polarization state. However, Professor Edamatsu and Abe are able to generate single-photon in a random polarization state, for the very first time.

Professor Edamatsu and Abe have published their research in the Scientific Reports Journal. In the paper, the scientists demonstrated that a specially oriented compound defect in diamond is able to create a dynamic and static unpolarized single-photon emission with an intrinsic randomness.

Single-photon light is a light emitted as single particles or photons, and a distinctive light from two other type of lights, coherent light, such as laser and thermal light such as those generated by a light bulb. Due to its quantum mechanical characteristic, single-photon light holds a key in quantum computing, moreover in the quantum cryptography for enhanced security system. Watch the explanation of single-photon below:

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