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Frozen Ahi Cubed Tuna Contaminated With Hepatitis A In Hawaii: Voluntary Recall Conducted

May 10, 2017 07:51 PM EDT


Wholesaler Tropic Fish Hawaii a subsidiary of CMU and partners reported the voluntary recall of a volume of frozen ahi cubed tuna products on May 2. These products were sold on the island of Oahu between April 27 and May 1 and were contaminated with the Hepatitis A infection.

 The voluntary recall from Tropic Fish Hawaii impacts about 2,300 pounds of the infected products. Out of this, about 1,440 pounds were recovered or discarded. The frozen ahi cubed tuna product being referred to was imported from Indonesia before the results of the various safety tests conducted on them were taken. As indicated by Tropic Fish Hawaii, this was against the ordinary procedures it takes after.

"Our typical technique is to get the test results before distribution, but sadly that did not happen with this specific shipment. We have revised our procedure to guarantee this won't happen once more," Shawn Tanoue, the company's chairperson commented after the Hepatitis A infection was confirmed, FSN cited.

In 2016, the same Hepatitis A infection was found in the scallops the wholesaler sells. This tainted almost 300 people with the virus. The local media of Oahu revealed that from that point forward, the company treads carefully and tests every one of its products before distributing them to the market for use.

The contaminated ahi cubed tuna product, used broadly to prepare the Hawaiian delicacy poke, was sold in many stores over the island. A part of the famous retailers that supplied and sold the product between April 27 and May 1 include the Times Supermarkets chain, Shima's Market, Aloha Sushi Nimitz, G.P. Hawaiian Food Catering, and a lot more. Restaurants and food outlets may also have bought the infected ahi cubed tuna.

 When the test results were received, the wholesaler approach Hawaii's department of health to report the conceivable infection of Hepatitis A. The health department tried 200 of the frozen ahi cubed tuna product cases and found that they were possibly infected. The health authorities also complimented Tropic Fish Hawaii for its quick action and recall of the product.

"But it mostly takes two weeks for those contaminated to report indications of hepatitis A, vaccination or immune globulin can even now supply some protection against the disease for the individuals who may have been exposed in the last week," Dr. Sarah Park of the health division expressed.

The health department informs that those who experience fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, weakness or fatigue, or diarrhea ought to stay home and consult their doctor right away. Because these are the common causes of the virus.  

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