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OnePlus 5 Specs Leaked: The Next Flagship Stunner To Flaunt Better Camera, Battery, Performance

May 15, 2017 06:30 AM EDT

OnePlus 5 90% confirmed Last news!
(Photo : Youtube/Mirorpro) OnePlus is expected to jump from the OnePlus 3T name to OnePlus 5 for the 2017 flagship, skipping the "four" moniker as it is considered unlucky in China.

OnePlus has already clarified that OnePlus 5 will be its next smartphone. The handset is still far to be released actually. But its predicted specs and features have already begun to make rounds on the internet. Even some analysts said that OnePlus 5 will take a direct rivalry to Samsung's latest Galaxy S8 lineup. Certain leaks have also been patched by SlashLeaks, which are said to be boasted on the OnePlus's next masterpiece. But there are points which have been pointed to be contrasting and require some clarity on them.

According to BGR, OnePlus 5 will sport dual lens snapper on its rear end. But the confusion that has occurred over it is whether it would be boasted horizontally or vertically. As far as the leaked snaps are concerned, the smartphone's rear camera looks to be vertically placed. Another contrasting question that has been raised is related to the handset's fingerprint sensor. In the leaked snaps of the back panel of an alleged OnePlus 5, there is no sign of any hole in the rear end which can be considered as its fingerprint sensor. Therefore, ultimately it can be hinted that OnePlus may have planned to place the fingerprint sensor on the front end of it.

There are also doubts about its display as Samsung Galaxy S8 flaunts an innovative bezel-less front panel, OnePlus 5 would also require the similar feature to compete with it. Besides all these, a certain lineup of specs of OnePlus 5 has also been revealed. Express pointed that OnePlus 5 would be powered by the premium Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. The smartphone will boast 5.5-inch front panel with multitouch capacity enabling 2560x1440 highest resolution. OnePlus 5 would also come with 8 GB RAM coupled with a 64 GB internal storage alongside expandability by MicroSD card.

OnePlus 5 would also have 4000 mAh battery for an extreme power backup. The availability and pricing of the device are unknown yet.

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