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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Look-A-Like Leaks Revealed By Microsoft, But It's Not The Surface Pro 5 After All

May 20, 2017 07:58 AM EDT


A new Microsoft Surface laptop will be unveiled next week. Leaks have revealed the laptop, but it's not the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft is expected to reveal its Surface Pro lineup, while its fans are waiting for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The Next Web reported that the next Surface event will happen on Monday, but right before the date, leaks of a Surface laptop courtesy of Evan Blass surprised the people.

One of the huge changes is that Microsoft will be no longer numbering the Surface laptop series, a bit similar to the MacBook style. Besides, following the statement of Panos Panay, who recently revealed that there's "no such thing" as the Surface Pro 5, then the Surface Pro 4 probably ended the line.

According to Engadget, the leaks is further detailed with a name Surface Pro, but it's not the Surface Pro 5 which everyone is waiting for. And to take a closer look, it resembles the look of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, excluding the rounded edges on part of the screen and the USB-C port.

The leaked device, the Surface laptop, is clearly not the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled at the Microsoft Surface Event in Shanghai on May 23rd. Reports even claim that the Surface laptop will sport a Kaby Lake processor, 4K video decoding capability, battery life, and boost performance, partly related with the specs expected for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Furthermore, the Surface Pen and Surface Keyboard of the Surface laptop will also be available with the variety of color options similar to its predecessor. On top of this, Microsoft is said to be working on a Surface Book with a detachable screen and another model without a detachable screen.

However, the report on the Surface Book is not yet finalized, and just like how fans have waited for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but instead, Microsoft has given a Surface laptop, then, patience is always a virtue. Once more, fans should watch out for the event in Shanghai, where the Surface laptop will be unveiled.

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