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iPhone 8 May Be Slightly Larger Than The iPhone 7: New Leak Details Suggest Better Specs And Features

May 22, 2017 08:52 AM EDT

Leaked iPhone 8 mold suggests device will be slightly larger than the iPhone 7
(Photo : Anzoo channel / You Tube) New leaked molds about iPhone 8 indicate that the handset will be slightly larger than the iPhone 7 and may possess the camera module that could be oriented vertically.

New leaked molds suggest a slightly larger iPhone 8 than the iPhone 7. Currently, tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for a new phone from the tech giant Apple.

It is believed that Apple's new iPhone of 2017 must be an interesting and ambitious one. Tech users hope that September could be the month when the tech company will unveil its new handsets. Slashleaks recently reported a series of photos of the iPhone 8. The images that are mainly sourced via Weibo show three different iPhone molds.

The three different molds indicate tech giant Apple will release three new iPhone models this year like iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. It is true that these leaked moldings will not shed complete light on the Apple's new upcoming iPhone of 2017. But, they must explore some suggestions.

The photos suggest that iPhone 8 may be slightly taller than the iPhone 7s. Previous reports stated that the said iPhone will have a display size similar to the iPhone 7 Plus and a form factor of iPhone 7. But, the current moldings point out some difference from these past reports.

Another important fact is the molds indicate the camera module on the most anticipated iPhone 8 is actually oriented vertically. Some past leaked schematics also echoed this design, according to BGR. So the vertical orientation of the said camera module probably has something to do with earlier rumored augmented reality aspects.

Reports have surfaced that iPhone 8 may incorporate the important Touch ID sensor into a giant size glass display. Though, some past leaks pointed out that the Touch ID sensor will be placed on the back of the iPhone by Apple. Now users and consumers can have the actual design only after the release of the new iPhone.

Though no official words are available from Apple, but it is expected that the tech company may unveil its new iPhone in September. Some rumors also claim some different suggestions and say a probable push back of the handset by 4 to 8 weeks. But, recent reports indicate the said September release of the iPhone 8.

It is a common fact that the most anticipated Phone 8 will probably be a premium handset like the most other premium handsets of Apple. Now it is time to see whether the most anticipated upcoming iPhone will follow the feature of the leaked moldings or not. No doubt, tech enthusiasts are ardently waiting for the new iPhone.

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