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Nvidia Quietly Debuts MX150 That is Four Times More Powerful Than Integrated Graphics

May 29, 2017 04:33 PM EDT


Nvidia has announced the GeForce MX150, their video card for laptops. The new product is primarily aimed at the entry-level market for discrete graphics. Nvidia says the new MX150 chip is slightly powerful than the integrated GPU on the motherboard.

The MX150 is a Pascal series graphics card succeeding the 930M and the 940M Maxwell-based cards part of numerous laptops in the past couple of years. According to Guru 3D, Nvidia's new announcement is likely due to the upcoming Computex event where partner manufacturers will announce new laptops with the latest chip.

The technical aspects of the MX150 graphics card are very limited. The manufacturer hasn't posted any details about the newly released laptop graphics, as always like every other low-end parts. Nvidia claims the new card is based on the GDDR5 architecture with a performance boost of 33 percent over that of a GeForce 940MX card.

As mentioned by AnandTech, the new MX150 graphics card has triple the power efficiency to performance per watt. Nvidia's new product is on par with the 930MX in terms of power consumption. The report suggests Nvidia's baseline specifications seem to favor TDP over clock speeds.

It is to be noted that the newly released MX150 graphics card doesn't really favor serious gaming on laptops. But as an entry-level product, consumers will be able to make use of a richer feature set that would help in rendering and media tasks. Nvidia's new entry-level graphics will be paired up with Intel's U-series CPUs mainly present in Ultrabooks.

The company has also silently announced the GT1030 desktop graphics and is also the entry-level product currently. While the MX150 from Nvidia is their latest product on offer, the company recently unveiled their top-of-the-line desktop cards like the GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp alongside releasing a Volta-based non-consumer card.

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