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Ebola Outbreak In Congo Alarmed Global Health Officials To Control The Virus, Pigs Could Also Be Involved

May 29, 2017 06:48 AM EDT

Global Health Officials Working Hard To Contain The Ebola Virus
Global Health Officials Working Hard To Contain The Ebola Virus

The Ebola outbreak which happened in Congo alarmed the Global Health Officials to work hard to control the virus. Furthermore, scientists are seeing the possibility that pigs could also be involved in the Ebola outbreak.

Fox News reported that amid the reports of Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Global Health Officials are becoming more persistent in stopping the virus. Based on the data, four people had died and two among the deaths been confirmed its death due to Ebola virus, which the cases reached out a number of 43 people.

Now the World Health Organization along with the United States' Center for Disease Control and Prevention are on their tough monitoring on the Ebola virus outbreak. Both teams of researchers and scientists are now in the isolated region where the Ebola outbreak started and doing everything to contain the virus on the island.

Yokouide Allarangar, a representative from WHO in the DRC said in his statement that the Likati health district is now in the remote area. Allarangar further stressed that contact tracing is essential this time to control and contain the Ebola outbreak in the DRC, and only the very experienced health workers are the most reliable for the purpose.

Meanwhile, according to Science, it may sound awkward but scientists along with the DRC public health officials are eyeing for the connecting of pigs in the Ebola outbreak. They believed that at some point, pigs are somehow involved in the Ebola outbreak in the DRC.

The hypothesis of the scientists is based on the data that the first person who gets infected with the Ebola virus is a hunter who had come in contact with a wild boar carcass. Another data is that 84 pigs in the eight villages where the Ebola virus had an outbreak died. Now, the researchers have taken samples of the pigs for an investigation to confirm that it is involved in the Ebola outbreak.

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