Oct 20, 2018 | Updated: 04:34 PM EDT

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 New Firmware Improve Its Weaknesses On Battery Life & Touchscreen Controls

May 30, 2017 04:07 AM EDT


A new firmware update was announced for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The firmware's goal is to boosts its battery life and touchscreen controls.

On the CNET review for Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the tablet has earned a rating of 85 percent. The lowest points among the rated criteria is its battery which only earned 7.0 percent. Now, to uplift its credibility, Microsoft has announced a refresh to its Surface Pro 4, Hot Hardware reported.

The new firmware for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 upgrades to Intel's Kaby Lake processors, the latest generation of processors particularly to 7th generation Core CPU. The updated CPU is expected to bring better battery life for the Surface Pro 4 through offering 50 percent more run time compared to the previous generation with the Skylake.

Furthermore, the latest firmware for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will address the problem with its battery life when the tablet goes into Sleep mode. More so, according to Phone Arena, aside from extending the tablet's battery, the new firmware will mean a longer standby time, so it will be better to see the tablet in the morning with more battery life than before.

Additionally, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 new firmware will bring fix with the screen's brightness after getting awake including the refinement of brightness settings and touch functionality. Aside from the major upgrades brought by the new firmware for the Surface Pro 4, it further brings more upgrades.

The other upgrades include Surface embedded Controller Firmware to improve battery life during sleep, and the Intel ® Precise Touch Device that disables touch every time the cover is closed as well as improves stability. The Surface Integration that adjusts system hibernation defaults, and the Surface Touch Servicing ML that updates touch functionality.

Also, it the new firmware for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 brings the Surface System Aggregator Firmware for resolving screen brightness issues every time the device comes out of sleep. And the last two updates of the firmware are the Surface UEFI that refines the brightness settings and the Surface Touch which optimizes touch functionality.

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