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New Designer Virus Would Battle Cancer Cells Through Empowering Of The Immune System

May 30, 2017 04:36 AM EDT

New Designer Virus Developed To Battle Cancer Cells
(Photo : milos velja/Youtube) New Designer Virus Developed To Battle Cancer Cells

Scientists have created a way to fight cancer tumor using the new designer virus. The designer virus will send killer cells through the immune system for a battle against cancer cells.

RT reported that a team of Swiss scientists has created a way to fight the cancer cells in a patient's body. This will be done through the stimulation of the immune system using an artificial virus called the new designer virus.

The designer virus which when turned on will activate and sends a powerful army of killer cells that would fight the cancer tumors. According to Digital Trends, the Swiss virologists from the University of Geneva or UNIGE which developed to mobilized the killer T cells to be capable of attacking both the virus and the cancer tumor.

The cancer cells evade the immune system causing viral infections too easily enter the body and act quickly. This is why the scientists have arrived at the idea of counter-attacking the viruses and the cancer tumor at the same time through the designer virus.

The new designer virus promotes a therapy that has the ability to quickly spot a virus so that when the immune system sees it, it can be able to hunt down cancer and thus kill the tumor. The research for the artificial designer virus that was based on lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus or LCMV on humans and rodents was led by Professor Daniel Pinschewer.

Aside from the designer virus itself, the research team also integrated proteins found in cancer cells. So, when the designer virus enabled the immune system to detect dangerous cancer proteins, the body will then abruptly create a powerful army of cytotoxic lymphocytes or killer cells.

Professor Pinschewer said in his statement, "We hope that our new findings and technologies will soon be used in cancer treatments and so help to further increase their success rates." Hopefully, this new designer virus will bring back the human safety for cancer.

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