Jun 17, 2019 | Updated: 11:54 AM EDT

AMD New AM4 Motherboard Software Made Significant Update To Support Ryzen Memory

Jun 01, 2017 12:48 PM EDT

Shape The Future- ASROCK AM4 Motherboards
(Photo : Info ASRock / YouTube) AMD latest AM4 motherboard software update will solve the recent Ryzen overclocking memory issue.

AMD has boosted its products anew following some technical issue it encountered lately. The Sunnyvale-based tech company made some significant update on its AM4 motherboard software to give some solution on its Ryzen memory problem. What do the latest update offer and how it resolve the predicament of Ryzen memory?

AMD is one of the leading semiconductor company in the electronic consumer industry nowadays. It has established a name of its own in the business by producing high-quality products such as microprocessors, graphics processing units, motherboard processors and other related electronic goods.

For the past years, AMD has been focused on developing high-end chipsets and GPUs that built a decent reputation in the market. But just recently, the semiconductor company experienced some issue on its AM4 motherboard product. And now, it appears that the company has found a solution to that problem and even got some better innovation in the process.

According to PCWorld, AMD has made a vital software update for its AM4 motherboard solving its memory issue that's been hampering the Ryzen performance for a while. Old AM4 motherboard versions haven't able to sustain the powerful overclocking of the Ryzen memory PCs. Now, the semiconductor company found an answer for it.

AMD just recently launched the "AMD Generic Encapsulated System Architecture" (AGESA) that aims to enhance Ryzen's overclocking dilemma on its memory. The updated software reportedly will add up 26 new RAM tunings to maximize the memory speed. It can force the RAM up to 4000MHz without altering the system's clock giving it a diverse variety of overclocked speeds.

Tom's Hardware further added that the AGESA software will serve as a bootstrap protocol that will help AM4 motherboard boot up processor cores, its memory and the Infinity Fabric controller. It will definitely upgrade the motherboard's memory compatibility and overclock. The updated software allegedly will also unravel more controls such as setting the memory command rate.

For a couple of years, AMD has been keen on making their product a top-tier item in the market. However, the company is being criticized for the late upgrades when it comes to updating the software of its products. Now, the company announced that the AGESA updated software will be arriving in mid to late June.

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