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The World Has Three Years To Save It From The Severe Effects Of Climate Change: Prominent Scientists Opine

Jul 02, 2017 07:27 PM EDT

Steam and exhaust rise from different companies on a cold winter day on January 6, 2017 in Oberhausen, Germany
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Prominent scientists opine that the world will face severe effects of climate change very soon. They claim that three years are left to save the world.

Severe devastation as a result of the climate change is no more a distant future as the world is currently experiencing the effects. According to Business Insider, the last two decades have witnessed 50 percent rise in the sea level on earth. Last three years experienced the record heat. Notably, the current year has already touched the highest levels of temperature in some parts of the world from California to Vietnam.

A recently published open letter revealed significant opinion of six prominent scientists and diplomats regarding the climate change. The list of the scientists and diplomats include popular physicist Stefan Rahmstorf, and former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres. All these prominent figures wrote in the letter that the world has three years before climate change can severely affect and take hold.

The letter clearly urges citizens, businesses, scientists and the governments to address the emissions of the greenhouse gas now. The scientists have suggested that if the emissions can be decreased permanently by 2020, then the global temperature would not reach the irreversible threshold. The impacts of the climate change in the world include several outcomes.

The outcomes of climate change include floods due to the rising sea level and rapid deforestation. The climate change impacts can also bring weather shifts that could damage the agriculture and simultaneously affect the coastal life. It is true that a huge number of people live in the coastal areas of the world.

The scientists and the diplomats proposed six important goals for 2020 to address the climate change issue. They suggested increment of the renewable energy use in the world by 30 percent to avail electricity. Preparation of draft plans to fund $300 billion yearly and to ditch the use of fossil fuel energy in states and cities by 2050. The scientists also pointed out that 15% of the new vehicles should be electric to decrease the emissions.

They even indicated that a proper plan could decrease the net emissions from the deforestation by 2050. The financial sectors should also be encouraged to issue "green bonds". In a word, the scientists tried to deliver some important steps to save the world from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Interestingly, China acquires the largest floating solar farm in the world to avail the clean energy. The solar farm can produce 40-megawatt electricity with 160,000 panels, according to The Science Times. One significant fact is the major portion of the electricity in China generated by coal. But, the recent move by this Asian country will help to decrease the impacts of the climate change.

Now the aim of the letter surfaced at a time when the Trump administration announced the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement. The goal of this agreement is to curb the emissions of the greenhouse gas in the world. The authors want the businesses and the cities to fight against the emissions to meet the goal of the agreement even without U.S. government help.


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