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The New York City Mayor Announces $32 Million Plan To Decrease Rat Infestation

Jul 13, 2017 06:15 PM EDT

Female white rats stand in a basin at an animal laboratory of a medical school on February 16, 2008 in Chongqing Municipality, China
(Photo : China Photos/Getty Images) Female white rats stand in a basin at an animal laboratory of a medical school on February 16, 2008 in Chongqing Municipality, China. Over 100,000 rats and mice are used in experiments every year for pharmaceutical research in the lab, where the temperature is kept at 24 degrees centigrade.

The New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, declares a plan to decrease the city's rat infestation. The Mayor announced the $32 million plan on Wednesday to address the issue.

The Health Department of the New York City has already received a huge number of complaints regarding the rat sightings in the city. The number of the complaints in 2017 has exceeded 10,000. On Wednesday the Mayor of the city declared a plan to diminish the rat population in the city's infested areas.

Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn are three key infested areas in the New York City. The recently announced $32 million plan is aiming to decrease the rat population in these areas by 70 percent. The mayor's office reported that above 24,000 properties were inspected in these key areas that revealed the infestation of the rats.

Rats are regarded as the threat to public health because they carry diseases. Mayor Bill de Blasio has uttered significantly about the rat infestation in the city. According to Reuters, the Mayor has stated that the rats are not acceptable as part of the living in the New York City.

The new plan will involve multiple agencies in the New York City like Health departments, Parks, and Sanitation to implement the plan. The implementation of the plan will begin in September. The utilization of the majority of the money will take place to improve many important areas.

According to Fox5NY, the New York City will deploy 336 rat-proof solar compactor trash bins. The cost price of the each trash bin or the Bigbelly trash can is $7,000. As part of the plan, new rot-resistant steel will replace the wire waste baskets on the city streets. Rot-resistant steel cans can be a great alternative to these baskets.

Devoid of the access to the food sources can be very helpful to eliminate the rats in the New York City. The Sanitation Commissioner of the New York City, Kathryn Garcia, has stated significantly in this regard. The new trash bins and the waste baskets will also play significantly to reduce the access to the food sources.

Kathryn Garcia says that she will work to bring legislation with the help of the City Council to raise fines for the illegal dumping. She will also enforce steps against the property owners who failed to avail proper measures to abolish the rat infestation. The Mayor of the New York City stated that the plan must meet the root causes of the problem. The plan must stop the rats from acquiring shelter and food in the city.

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