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OnePlus 5 Owners Receives New OxygenOS 4.5.5 Update That Fixes Wi-Fi Connectivity, Voice Calling, And Others

Jul 08, 2017 08:41 AM EDT


Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has recently released current OxygenOS 4.5.5 update for the latest flagship handset OnePlus 5. The new update improves voice calling, Wi-Fi connectivity, and others.

The users of the new OnePlus 5 handset now can avail the OxygenOS 4.5.5 update to fix a set of problems. The owners of the smartphone will receive the update over-the-air. This new update features important optimization and at the same time fixes the Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi signal in the new OnePlus 5 smartphone appeared very weak and the new optimization fixes this problem.

The OnePlus forum has recently announced this new OxygenOS 4.5.5 update with the details. The size of the update is 59MB and has the required Android security patch for May. It also fixes some specific apps that can't perform properly under the new IPv6 or the Internet Protocol Version 6. In a word, OnePlus 5 smartphone gets some important improvements through the latest update.

OnePlus has significantly advised the users who want to establish connectivity to the PC that is running Windows 10. The Chinese company has asked the users to turn the USB debugging off before they upgrade their handsets to OxygenOS 4.5.5. OnePlus shared the essential feedback link for the owners of the OnePlus 5 who reported bugs in their handsets, according to BGR.

Now users can have clear voice calling with the OxygenOS 4.5.5 update. Also, the intensity of the vibration can be tuned to the general level while receiving calls. The update enhances the optimization of the video recording in OnePlus 5 to provide less consumption of the battery.

Users of the OnePlus 5 have been experiencing certain bugs. Now, a new one appeared on the handset's stereo speakers. Users can't adjust the stereo speakers of the phone accordingly while changing them from the portrait mode to the landscape mode. No official response surfaced so far from the company regarding this issue.

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