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Santiago Residents Witnessed Heavy Snowfall: The Chilean Capital Woke Up From A Rare Cold Snap On Saturday Morning

Jul 17, 2017 07:13 AM EDT

Chilean Capital of Santiago hit by rare snowfall, leaving 337,000 without power
(Photo : BNO News / You Tube) The Chilean capital of Santiago has been hit by the worst snowfall in 10 years, leaving more than a quarter of a million people without power, local officials say. At least one person has died and several others have been injured. James Valles reports. (BNO News)

This weekend, people in Santiago witnessed the biggest snowfall in the last 46 years. The snow covered the capital of Chile and delivered an unusual and interesting sight.

Last Saturday residents of Santiago woke up from a cold snap and saw the rare and heavy snowfall. The white snow engulfed the whole area of the city and created some hard situations for the residents. It seemed that a thick layer of snow greeted the people of the capital city as electricity knocked out in some areas. Santiago experienced the heaviest snowfall since 2007.

According to ABC News, the National Emergency Office revealed that some parts of the metropolitan area of Santiago received 16 inches thick snow layer. Residents of the capital city were facing road blocks due to this snowfall. Interestingly, this rare snowfall was not very troublesome for everyone. Many children were cherishing this situation by making snowmen or hurling snowballs.

Snow fall is not a very common sight in Santiago, and so this frosty situation halted the life of the city. Power cuts hit the homes of some 250,000 residents in the city following this heavy snow fall. The power supply line suffered a lot as snow-laden trees and branches falling on the power lines and interrupted the power supply. The Huffington Post reported that two people suffered injury after electrocuted by the fallen power line and a worker died while clearing the ice.

Thousands of people were living in the dark. Many residents were shivering in the dark without heat when the temperatures reached the freezing point. Reports already hinted that electricity should be restored in Santiago by Sunday night or the next day, that is Monday. The bad weather and frosty condition created some traffic problems, even forced to postpone some sporting events that include the important Copa Chile soccer games.


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