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Smartphone Light Hampers The Sleep Cycle By Reducing The Melatonin Hormone And Simultaneously Affects The Body And Brain

Jul 17, 2017 07:21 PM EDT

How Smartphone Light Affects Your Brain And Body
(Photo : The Science Channel / You Tube) How Smartphone Light Affects Your Brain And Body. There's something incredibly powerful about the blue lights that the designers
of our smartphone, tablet, and laptop screens have been able to create. The lights in these screens glow so bright that we can see them even during a sunny day.

Screens of modern smartphones can cater powerful lights during the day and at night. But, this powerful light can be very harmful to the user's brain and body.

Designers and manufacturers are making mobile devices like smartphones, laptop, and tablets with such screens that can able to create very powerful lights. These bright screens are so strong that they can be visible even in the sunny day. In the night they glow so strongly as if they are bringing daylight, and so looking at the phone at night is not so good.

The human body maintains an important cycle that helps it to stay awake during the daytime and helps to avail rest at night. Melatonin is an important hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness in the body. Now if a person looks at the bright smartphone's bright screen when he needs sound sleep, then the production of this hormone is hampered seriously. The bright light of the smartphone mainly creates confusion in the brain and interrupts the melatonin production, the Business Insider reported.

Smartphone light not only disrupts the melatonin hormone production but simultaneously hampers a person's sleep cycle. This condition creates severe difficulty for a person to fall and stay asleep, and this ultimately causes major health problems. App designers have already tried to bring a great breakthrough making important programs like the f.lux. Tech giant Apple has also made the Night Shift mode to tackle this problem.

These programs help to balance smartphone screen's light tones at certain times of the day, and this adjustment can remove smartphone display's bright blue light. According to Justgetflux, the f.lux app adjusts the color of the computer's display during the day and at night. This app provides better health condition to the computer users. Users can avail this app to have the perfect color of the computer display.

Many smartphone users also opine that these apps bring orange tints that are not so harsh for the eyes. According to some research studies, dimmer light is very helpful to improve sleep, though, this topic needs more attention. Only changes in the brightness of the smartphone light do not help the brain and the body to keep in better condition.

Experts reveal that several other things related to the smartphone phone can also hamper sleep. Late night email pop ups can hamper a person's sleep more compared to the interruption of the melatonin production. The best way to get rid of this problem is to keep the phone away from the bed at bedtime.

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