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Boat Sets Off From Paris With An Aim To Explore The Use Of Emissions-Free Energy

Jul 17, 2017 07:24 PM EDT

Sun and wind to power Energy Observer catamaran on six year circumnavigation
(Photo : AlphaVideo / You Tube) Sun and wind to power Energy Observer catamaran on six year circumnavigation. The Energy Observer catamaran is poised to set sail around the world powered by renewable energy. It will spend six years on its historic journey on the high seas. The craft will be powered by the sun and wind, backed up with a fuel cell system that converts sea water into hydrogen. A team of around 50 sailors, engineers and architects are preparing the two hulled boat in St.Malo in France. The ambitious project comes in the wake of the Solar Impulse plane which completed its flight around the world using just solar energy.

A boat has set off to cover a six-year long journey and ready to set an example of the emissions-free energy use. The boat can fuel itself throughout the journey.

The boat is setting off from Paris with an aim to complete a world trip within six years. Designers have built it in a unique way so that it can avail the energy that emits nothing. Throughout this whole trip, the boat will be able to use three significant ways to explore energy.

The Energy Observer team will use wind turbines, the hydrogen fuel cell system, and solar panel to create energy during the journey, ABC News reported. The $5.25 million boat heads off from Paris on Saturday and heading towards the Atlantic. The 100-foot long boat will depend on the sun and the wind in the day time.

On the other hand, at night the team will use the hydrogen reservoir. Designers have prepared the former racing boat so uniquely that hydrogen is now an inevitable part of the ship's navigation. The architects, navigators, and engineers have successfully achieved the decarbonised production of the hydrogen from the seawater while making the self-fuelling boat.

Drawing energy from nature, without wasting it and simultaneously without damaging it, is the key vision of this journey, according to With this journey, the Energy Observer team wants to share this vision throughout the whole world. No doubt this is the first self-fuelling or autonomous boat that can use energy without emitting the greenhouse gases.

One of the key personalities of this Energy Observer project is Victorien Erussard who is the Captain of Energy Observer and also the Offshore Racer. Victorien Erussard has uttered that no silver bullet is present in the battle against the global warming. But, solutions are present, and this Energy Observer project can help to learn them. The world trip using this boat will help to explore the use of energies that present in nature.

This six-year journey using this boat mainly aims to complete a world trip that includes fifty countries and 101 stops. The team is searching for the innovative solutions to avail a clean environment. In a word, the team is ready to prove that a cleaner world is obviously possible.

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