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Upcoming Xiaomi Smartphones To Feature OLED Display From Samsung

Jul 18, 2017 06:46 AM EDT


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has recently signed a deal with Samsung electronics for the OLED Display supply for its flagship smartphone next year. The battle for the OLED screen display room is heating up between Samsung and LG. However, the recent reports suggest that both Google and Apple have invested in LG's burgeoning OLED display technology, while Xiaomi is reportedly tapping Samsung for its future displays.

The latest reports say that Samsung will supply a 6.01-inch rigid OLED panel for Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. The first shipment of the OLED display panels is rumored to be starting from December this year. Moreover, about 1 million units of OLED displays will be shipped in the first month to Xiaomi, followed by another 2.2 million units in the next month, as reported by The Investor.

Xiaomi has already used OLED display panel for its flagship smartphone Mi Note 2, which is having a 1080p of resolution. The company was expected to use a newer generation (QHD resolution) for the new Note as well. However, it should be kept in mind that the flexible/rigid means whether the smartphone will have curved screen edges or not, as reported by GSM Arena.

Xiaomi had originally intended to use a 5.49-inch, higher-end flexible OLED panel from LG Display but the deal has later said to fall apart as the display maker's new plant operation was being delayed. The reports also mentioned that the LG Display's new plant, called E5, is expected to start operations in August, about three months later than planned.

However, Samsung has lots of millions of AMOLED panels to produce for the iPhone 8. There is also a buzz that Apple will move to the use of exclusively OLED displays in the next year, though it's up in the air on who will score that order.

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