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'MacBook Air 2017' Latest News and Updates: Release Date, Price &Touchscreen Capability Via AirBar

Feb 17, 2017 03:40 PM EST

IFA 2012 Consumer Electronics Trade Fair
(Photo : Sean Gallup / Staff) BERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 30: An ultra thin Samsung Notebook Series 9 laptop computer (L) runnung Microsoft Windows 8 sits next to an Apple Macbook Air brought by a visitor during a press day at the Samsung stand at the IFA 2012 consumer electronics trade fair on August 30, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. IFA 2012 will be open to the public from August 31 through September 5.

MacBook Air 2017 from Apple is intrigued to have its new device. AirBar is rumored to turn the laptop into a touchscreen.

The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air according to MacWorld just received minor updates last year for there are no announcements made. However, rumors contradict the issue this year with the latest plug and touch device for the popular laptop. AirBar is the biggest update which tech enthusiasts have been waiting for this year.

 Unlike before, AirBar is only on PC versions, but now, it can make the  13-inch MacBook Air popular due to touchscreen capability. The AirBar is connected via USB as a trackpad intended for the laptop's display. The device works on MacBook Air thru its two round magnets that are positioned below the screen, Apple Insider reported. And because AirBar is plug and touch, plugging it to USB ports will automatically activates the device.

With the AirBar connected in the MacBook Air, the fingers, styli, and other body objects will be easily detected. Eventually, it's a great chance for the laptop to bring back its popularity. AirBar is also lightweight and sturdy and can keep the device off from scratches and dust. It will then give a result of an even more responsive holographic input methods.

Airbar for 13-inch MacBook Air only costs $99 and will be available in March on leading online store, Amazon. Apple is said to create more models or AirBar for other MacBook laptops soon.

To note, consumers must recall that the 11 inch MacBook Air is already discontinued. Moreover, the 13-inch is said to be on its price bump and is rumored to be closed since no new announcement last year was made. Currently, this 13-inch MacBook Air is on its discount of $100 off, resulting to only $899 in the market. However, MacBook Air fans still believe that there will be announcement on the device for the 2017 latest model early this year.

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