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'AT&T' Launches New Unlimited Data Plan With Unlimited Calls & Texts To More Than 120 Countries

Feb 17, 2017 03:41 PM EST


AT&T debut a new unlimited data plan to limited customers. The plan includes unlimited calls and texts to more than 120 countries.

AT&T new unlimited data plan is already available, according to MacRumors. The new data plan is limited to the company's DirecTV or U-verse customers only. But the good thing is, the plan is available for only $180 with the package of unlimited call, text, and data on four lines.

Moreover, the new unlimited plan from AT&T features the unlimited call and text to more than 120 countries without roaming charges, BGR reported. More so, the roam North America feature can also be added as an option plan, without additional charges to pay. 

Meanwhile, AT&T will warn after 22GB of data consumption and just like other data plan, speed may slow down after due to network congestion. The new unlimited plan has a price point of $180 after $40 credit to the fourth smartphone line. This price point will start after two billing periods, so customers will need to pay $220 per month after the two months.

The slow speed during the period of network congestion is not a surprise anymore for T-Mobile and Verizon plans also have the same content. Furthermore, for the customers to enjoy the new unlimited plan, a Stream Saver feature is also added. This new feature will downgrade video to only 480p, and by default on the plan Stream Saver is on.

This AT&T new unlimited plan is another competing product in the rise of unlimited data plans available in the United States. Hopefully, this plays a great part in the extension of AT&T with Gigabit internet in some US major cities. The plan is said to be inspired by Sprint and T-Mobile which started unlimited plans last August 2016. Now, customers can enjoy different features of the new unlimited plan from AT&T and enjoy at the affordable cost.

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