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'Ghost Villages' Found In Indonesia After Volcano Eruption

Feb 21, 2017 05:15 AM EST


Dusty villages were recently found in Indonesia. The ghost villages were abandoned five years ago after the eruption of Mount Sinabung.

Several villages were placed in silence after Mount Sinabung erupted in 2012. A report from New York Post featured how the ghost villages look like today. There were dusty kitchens from crumbling houses, vehicles overgrown by vegetation and volcanic ash covered almost everything.

Mount Sinabung, a volcano in Indonesia surprisingly sprang in the year 2010. It has 2,460-meter height and is known to be very active. There were reports of slight erupting every year, and just last year 17 people were killed due to massive and destructive volcanic eruption. While the years of 2013 and 2014 were recorded to be the worst eruption where Mount Sinabung buried the villages of Bekerah and Suka Meriah. Today, these two villages are known to be the ghost villages.

Last weekend, Mount Sinabung coughed up a 22,000-foot plume of ash clouding the sky for days, Wired reported. Three years ago, the said volcano erupted again killing dozens of people that's why its considered as Indonesia's most active volcano among 130 others. It's for the obvious reason that Mount Sinabung is located on the "Pacific Ring of Fire." On the record, the volcano has caused over $100 million worth of damages.

30,000 people had evacuated the area close to the volcano that might be a center of damage when it suddenly erupted again. Another seven-kilometer area around the volcano was declared not safe to live, causing 6,200 people living near the volcanoes' foot remain in temporary shelters. If another high-intensity eruption will come up in the future, these areas in the seven kilometers might be the next ghost villages.

The ghost villages are proof of the volcanoes wrath and impatience of Mother Nature. To lessen the number of eruption victims, people were forced to leave their houses and livelihood on the areas near the volcano. However, not everyone has left, that's why there set 2.5 miles off-limits precaution to the ghost villages and the volcano.

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