It is shocking to know that Microsoft is spamming Windows 10 file explorer. Company injected OneDrive storage advertising function directly into the operating system. Some users reported getting this ad some months ago, but the issue was raised last week.

As written in Digital Trends, ads show up in a number of ways, from promotions of Windows Store apps in the Start menu to pop-up reminders saying Microsoft Edge browser gets better battery life than Google Chrome. Microsoft will resolve complaints regarding privacy concerns over the transmitted data and issues regarding system automatic updates in the upcoming Creators Update.

Microsoft seems firm about retaining Windows' advertising functionality. It is advertising OneDrive storage currently. The software is pre-installed on Windows 10 and it cannot be uninstalled easily. OneDrive currently offers 5 GB free storage and company wants users to know that it can be easily upgraded.

The user has to follow these steps to turn off the advertising. First, the user has to go to View menu in File Explorer and select "Change folder and search options" in Options. After that, the user needs to select the View menu and then uncheck the "Show sync provider notifications" option. After this, Microsoft OneDrive storage ads will not appear again.

As written in Extreme Tech, a single user can pay and get up to 1 TB space. The offer also includes an Office 365 subscription. Users can get OneDrive and Office 365 for $6.99 per month. Microsoft offers 1 TB of OneDrive space for one PC and Microsoft Office productivity suite for $70 a year. There is another offer where the user can get the same deal for five PCs and Office 365 Home for $100 more. Every PC will get 1 TB storage space in this offer.

Every user pays for Microsoft's operating systems and the ads don't do the justice. Nowadays, people are used to ads but paid version saves from it. Well, there is an option to make it go away so it seems fair.