Eminent theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is soon to board a spacecraft. In a recent interview, the legendary cosmologist revealed that he will be on board Virgin Galactic.

According to CBS news, Professor Stephen Hawking said that he has accepted an invitation from billionaire Richard Branson to travel to space. The journey will be organized by Branson's company Virgin Galactic. Stephen Hawking said that he has already undergone a Zero-gravity flight which allowed him to float in simulated conditions, but it is his ultimate desire to fly in space. So, when Richard Branson made him the offer, he could not say no to that.

However, Virgin Galactic has not revealed that what arrangements have been made in order to enable Stephen Hawking, who has a form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), to make the trip. Stephen Hawking was first diagnosed with the disease at the age of 21, which since has paralyzed him gradually. Also, there has been no confirmation from the company's side about when the journey will be commenced.

According to the Independent, Virgin Galactic is looking forward to commercially carry people to space at the earliest. Richard Branson was hopeful of commencing the first flight into space earlier in 2009 but had to abandon it under a number of problems that came up.  

Professor Stephen Hawking, apart from announcing about his space travel, spoke about his three children who have given him immense pleasure. He also gave his view on the new US President Donald Trump. He branded him as a "demagogue" and said that he fears of being refrained from entering the US in the future. Professor Stephen Hawking also warned the British politicians over the issue of "Brexit", which he said might be a threat to Britain's dominance in the field of science and innovation globally.

The eminent researcher also said in the interview that "world government" is a real necessity to understand the extent of usage of technology for the betterment of lives. Without it, technology might turn out to be an eventual curse for mankind, said Stephen Hawking.