Scientists in Australia recently have discovered that venom of a specific deadly spider can treat brain damage after a stroke. This is considerably a great breakthrough in the arena of medical science.

ABS-CBN News reported the existence of a protein in the venom of the deadly funnel web spider. This protein can lower the impacts of a stroke that cause brain damage. Every year, almost six million people die from stroke and five million people become the victim of permanent disability.

Researchers from the University of Queensland and Monash University created this breakthrough. The researchers opine that spider venom is always considered a key element for medical treatments. The protein present in the toxin helps to enhance the nervous system in the insects.

The scientists were researching about the funnel web spider that carries one of the deadliest toxins. Glenn King, the lead researcher, has revealed this fact. Three spiders were caught from the Fraser Island on the Queensland coast to be collected of spider venom and to perform the research work.

Popular journal PNAS reported the whole fact. The scientists applied an electric charge to the fangs of the spiders that ultimately contracted the muscles. This process helps them to squeeze the spider venom from the insects.

Glenn King utters that Hi1a is the name of the protein that is present in the deadly spider venom particularly the funnel web. This protein plays the key role to block the ion channels in the brain that are responsible for brain damage after a stroke. The researchers have already tested it in the rats.

Glenn King also utters that this must be the first time to discover a way to decrease the impacts of brain damage after a stroke. The surprising fact is the protein in the deadly spider venom is harmless and can save millions of people from brain damage. The Hi1a protein can protect a victim for eight hours after the onset of the stroke and gives the space for the treatment.

Most of the times the affected cells in the core brain region die after the stroke, but the Hi1a protein can protect those cells. Every day new medical invention surprises people and this time the new discovery completely stuns all. Nobody ever thinks that the deadly spider venom can play an essential key role in the world of medical treatment.