Astronomers are trying to build a telescope that will let them look into a black hole. Astronomers from four continents will be having a group of international astronomers. They will be connecting many telescopes on Earth to try and capture the first ever picture of a black hole.

 Looking into a black hole is going to be very, very hard and taking a photograph of it is just as hard. However, with the technology the people have now, it can be done, said Manchester University astronomer Tom Muxlow, based at the Jodrell Bank observatory in Cheshire. The astronomers are not really going to take a picture of a black hole in the middle of Milky Way, said The Guardian.

The international team of astronomers is only going to take a picture of the shadow of the black hole in the heart of this galaxy. "It will be an image of its silhouette sliding against the background glow of radiation of the heart of the Milky Way. That photograph will reveal the contours of a black hole for the first time," Muxlow added.

Milky Way's Black Hole is named Sagittarius A* as it lies in the constellation Sagittarius. The first photo collection will happen on April 5-14 2017. The astronomers said it would probably take six months before they could answer most of the questions about the black hole. The team of Event Horizon Telescope is hoping they could really answer most of their questions. They will be connecting a global assortment of radio telescopes together and will form the equivalent of a giant Earth-sized telescope, stated

This technique is also known as Very Long Baseline Interferometry and Earth-aperture synthesis. It will include instruments at the South Pole and in the Andes, Hawaii, and Europe. The astronomers are hoping to answer the question about black hole's existence, origin, evolution and its influence in the universe.