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Be Safe Than Sorry: Here Is Why Trump's Scientific And Medical Research Budget Cut-Down Is A Bad Idea

Apr 07, 2017 01:42 PM EDT

Anti-Trump Activists March To Trump Tower In New York
(Photo : Photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images) President Elect Donald Trump's budget heavily cuts the Scientific and Medical Research Budget and it could lead to dangerous results in the long run.

President Donald Trump has been a heavily criticized man so far since he has taken over the Oval office at the White House, owing to his policies and regulations regarding things that affect people's lives. One such regulation dished out by the Trump Administration is a heavy cut on the allotted budget for the medical and scientific budget.

According to Bloomberg, medical research is a very basic kind of science which looks to improve people's lives, coming up with solutions to various diseases, some of them as deadly as AIDS. The new amendments and regulations inscribed by the Trump Administration put a lot of that into dire straits. Experts are looking at this as a big challenge for not only the medical researchers but to all of the humanity.

Research and development are two terms that go hand in hand. The research done on retroviruses by medical experts in the 1960's and 70's led to the understanding and creation of extremely effective antiviral drugs known as protein inhibitors by the AIDS researchers in the 90's. The same avenue of research also led to the cure for another deadly disease, Hepatitis C. The whole point of merely curiosity-driven research works like these is the betterment of human lives by the curbing of deadly viruses and with Trump cutting its research budget, it may prove to be a serious problem later.

According to NBS News, the budget cut by the Trump administration has completely jeopardized the progress of cancer research. The American Lung Association has even urged the Congress to ignore the budget blueprint by President Trump and invest more to fund the ongoing research. American Heart Association members are also in absolute shock regarding this drastic decision by the Trump Administration.

However, there have been some silver linings for the Trump Administration. There has been significant progress regarding the setup of a fund that has been requested for by the experts dealing with infectious diseases like CDC, NIH, and others for quite a long time. The Budget also forms a new Federal Emergency Response Fund for fighting public health outbreaks like the Zika Virus disease. It also increases the spending for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

With organizations like AHA and AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Sciences) voicing their protest against the regulations brought in by the Trump Administration, it is now to be seen who the Congress stands with. Experts hope that whoever the predicament belongs to, ultimately it will help the people of the USA.  

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