The researchers from the University of Amsterdam have recently discovered a new catalyst. This new catalyst can efficiently convert Carbon dioxide(CO2) to Carbon monoxide(CO).

Scientists claimed that this proper invention enables the utilization of Carbon dioxide(CO2) and a potent greenhouse gas linked to climate change. If this experiment is successful on a large scale, it could provide a practical way for converting Carbon dioxide(CO2) to chemical components.

The latest report published by Phys.Org. that UvA chemists Edwin Gnanakumar and Shiju Raveendran are still in process to commercializing the catalyst. However, Amsterdam Innovation Exchange(IXA)is co-partner with UvA researchers for this experiment. Carbon dioxide(CO2) is colorless and scentless gas that vital for life on Earth.

It is a trace gas that presents in Earth’s atmosphere. Apart from this, everyone should know that Earth itself a close system.It produces everything it needs to ensure the survival and development of its inhabitants. Now CO2 plays a vital role in balancing the surface temperature by trapping heat. For this particular reason, Carbon dioxide(CO2) is also known as Potent Green House gas.

Scientist uttered that it is scandalously difficult to convert CO2 to useful chemical or fuel because of the compound’s molecular stability. These stability gestures serve challenges to attempts active and reactive Carbon dioxide(CO2).

According to the University of Amsterdam, to overcome this activation problem, they have invented a new catalyst. It can easily convert Carbon dioxide(CO2) to Carbon Monoxide at the relatively mild condition. Not only Carbon Monoxide, it can be converted a number of common hydrocarbons with help of this technology.

Researcher Raveendran says, they were expecting for a different product but accidentally the catalyst turned out to be highly selective for Carbon dioxide(CO2). This new catalyst is inexpensive and easily prepared in a laboratory.

It can convert Carbon dioxide(CO2) at ambient pressure and low temperature. For longer term experiment, flow reactor confirmed that catalyst remains active. This conversion can easily transform for handling plenty of gasses. This process is now highly demanding on industrial fuel gas conversion.