Apple iPhone 8 had new leaks and rumors. Latest leaks revealed an invisible camera and 10 new other features.

TNW reported from a reliable source who allegedly had a conversation with an employee from Foxconn said that Apple is both testing the idea of having a Touch ID and under screen solution. The hidden Touch ID under the display of the Apple iPhone 8 is said to have been tried by Samsung in the Galaxy S8 but hadn't been lucky enough to pursue its success, so the company gave up.

Meanwhile, leaks revealed that the Touch ID is not just an ordinary Touch ID, there's more. It's because Apple is reportedly working with an invisible camera located under the display of the Apple iPhone 8 giving the phone an awesome and unique look. If this is real, Apple iPhone 8 will be the first to have that feature that is likely to bring positive sales to the company.

Additionally, according to Forbes, leaks reveal 10 new features of the Apple iPhone 8 that will completely make the phone a star. Besides, there's the Apple's 10th Anniversary iPhone Plans event which people especially the Apple fans have to watched out for.

A source claim that Apple will be having the following major changes on its iPhone 8: a front-facing Touch ID beneath the display, wireless charging capability, and a same dimension as the Windows 7. More so, the Apple iPhone 8 is said to have 4mm bezels around its entire edge, a 5.8-inch OLED display, 2.5D contoured glass located at the device's front and back metal frame, a large power button with two points of contact and an invisible front facing camera located under the display.

If everything goes well, the new Apple iPhone 8 will be substantially taller, wider, thicker and larger than the previous model, which is the iPhone 7. And the last but not the least feature is the removal of the home button of the iPhone 8.