A unique hybrid power system creates a great breakthrough to maintain the demand for electricity in California. This is a completely new revolutionary step to generate electricity.

The hybrid power system includes a hybrid battery and a hybrid gas turbine to generate sufficient amount of electricity, according to Phys.org. This new Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine is absolutely a new reality in the world. The Southern California Edison plays a significant role with General Electric Co to complete this project.

This new hybrid power system was placed at the two peaker plants of the Southern California Edison. Peaker plants are very useful to supply power when the demand is high in summer days. These small power plants are developed to come online quickly when necessary, Reuters UK stated.

The hybrid power system acts like a hybrid car that draws power from the battery, then switching over to the gas turbine for more electricity. It is very amicable to see the collective use of two completely different ways of producing and supplying energy. No doubt this is a completely new concept to enhance the battery storage system and enables to produce more power from a natural gas plant.

The Southern California Edison has partnered with the General Electric Co to establish 10 MW lithium-ion batteries at the two gas generators. In a word, a unique combination is created between the gas turbines and the batteries to produce the power. The best part of this hybrid power system is it can be used to compensate the demand of the energy.

Ron Nicholas, the President of the Southern California Edison, utters that existing facility can't be always utilized. So adding a new technology can be greatly helpful. Apart from producing electricity, the hybrid power system also plays a significant cost effective role.

Ron Nicholas favors the new system as "win-win". The demand of energy supply increases in the evening when the activity of the solar power system drops significantly. People in California also turn on the lights and expand the use of several essential appliances at this juncture. Now the new hybrid power system can play a major role to fulfill the requirement.

California is constantly approaching to adopt the renewable sources of electricity. The state has a mission to derive at least 50 percent power from the renewable sources by 2030. The new hybrid power system is a major step to achieving that goal.

It is now a clear fact that renewable sources will play a very significant role in generating power in the future time. Even a pollution free environment can be obtained from these sources. Any step towards acquiring a clean environment should always be preferable. The new hybrid power system finally creates a new dimension in the arena of energy.