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Cannabis-Laced Gourmet Food Becoming A Fad

Apr 20, 2017 11:48 AM EDT

Gourmet Cannabis-Laced Food Now Being Sold All Over The United States
(Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Medical and recreational marijuana use is allowed in some states but the sale of cannabis-laced food has provided more options for enthusiasts.

Gourmet food laced with cannabis has become a trend nowadays. Take for example the classy green pea ravioli, the name given to those little pasta pockets. This is not an ordinary dish and not even made of green peas, but of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive component of marijuana. Users seem to have found a new way to enjoy their drug and that us through gourmet food.

Marijuana enthusiasts have used it as a food ingredient a long time ago. A few years ago, they had marijuana-laced cookies or even brownies. Today, the choices have become more sophisticated and elegant. From the ordinary cannabis-laced pastries and snacks, they have infused the drug into almost anything, including the main dish and even coffee, according to the Spokesman. And they called this drug-infused food, edibles.

Marijuana edibles chef Stephanie Lamb said it can be infused in anything from sweets or even coffee milk. But whether the food is sweet or savory, one should keep track of the dosage. After all, it is easy to overuse it since concentrated cannabis butter or oil is used to prepare the edibles. Lamb said 10 milligrams is usually enough for a single serving, although it depends on one's tolerance.

Lamb developed her liking for cannabis in 2013 when she became a medical marijuana patient due to constant pain in her lower back. But long before that, she already immersed in the ganja culture in Hawaii where the drug was not legal but socially acceptable. The use of the weed is legal in some states both for recreational and medical reasons.

There are other shops that sell a variety of candies flavored with marijuana including jelly beans and lollipops, but it claims that there is no THC content in them, according to The Cannabist. Legal Hemp is one of those shops that sell cannabis-flavored edibles without the psychoactive component. The company said this was in compliance with the United States legal requirement in the sale of these products.

The availability of products being peddled as cannabis-infused edibles, but without the THC component is considered by many as a joke. They see it as a strategy to thrill people and get them excited about being able to use marijuana or what tastes like it, but without its real component.

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