At last the latest research has succeeded to find out the fungi to develop antibiotics that can counter the term antibiotic resistance. A great breakthrough to explore many medical opportunities.

Penicillin was the first antibiotic that was derived from the Penicillium fungi and used by the doctors, according to Since then scientists have discovered different types of antibiotics to save millions of lives. But, excessive use of them has forced the bacteria to develop their own protection and this ultimately resulted in a common term, antibiotic resistance.

Currently, even the doctors sometimes face severe difficulty to cure a simple infection. Discovery of the new antibiotics is the urgent need of the hour to eliminate this crucial condition. Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology finally discover a new method to develop antibiotics from the natural sources, fungi.

While searching for new antibiotics, the research team finally arranged the genomes of nine different kinds of Penicillium species. The team then collected the genomes of 24 types of fungi and scanned them to detect the genes responsible for producing bioactive compounds like antibiotics. This detection played a significant role to avail the final success.

The research study explores above 1000 pathways that unveil great potential for the fungi to produce a good number of natural and bioactive chemicals. These bioactive chemicals can be the best and fittest sources to create new antibiotics. Jens Christian Nielsen, a Ph.D. student at the department of biology and biological engineering opines significantly about this discovery.

He utters words about the potential power of the fungi to produce not only the antibiotics but also different bioactive compounds, like the cancer medicines. The research team achieved success in producing the antibiotic yanuthone by applying the said process. The findings are available in the popular journal Nature Microbiology.

Most of the times different research groups focused on bacteria to develop new antibiotics. Interestingly, the Chalmers researchers found the power of the fungi to develop bioactive substances naturally in order to protect and survive in the competitive environment. This logic has helped the team to proceed with the aim to discover an urgent breakthrough.

Now it is essential to develop new antibiotics from the fungi and help the physicians to use both the new and the old antibiotics properly. The mission behind this aim is to eliminate the term, antibiotic resistance. It is now a true fact that this new discovery uncovers many important different ways to follow.

People around the world always prefer to follow the most suitable and effective ways for better treatment. Fungi can certainly play a vital role in this regard. Proper and immediate initiatives are very much necessary to avail the remarkable positive outcome of the said research findings.