Tech giant Apple is working hard to produce new iMac and Mac Pro. This time the company will equip both the devices with the Intel Xeon processors.

According to the Digitimes, sources from the supply chain manufacturer of Apple in Taiwan indicate some important addition to the upcoming iMacs. The Cupertino-based tech company is aiming to introduce the server-grade desktop computer. The key competitor of this device will be Microsoft's Surface Studio.

Apple is approaching to release the new iMac in the second half of the current year 2017. The new and upcoming smart device will be equipped with the Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor. This all-in-one desktop computer will also support 16 GB to 64 GB of the ECC RAM. This particular design of memory will play a significant role to stop the data corruption.

Cosmic radiation is the key cause of the data corruption. The key aim of the ECC RAM is to provide protection to the data. This error-correcting code memory is the best to secure sensitive data in the system. Apple's iMac, configured with the said memory, will obviously give some extra advantages compared to other desktop computers.

Apart from the RAM and processor, the upcoming and iMac may contain the new AMD GPU, and the discrete GPU to provide better efficiency. Now the tech enthusiasts have to wait some more time to see the real development of the said desktop computer. Though, it is sure that Apple will certainly try to produce something new and elegant.

Recently released Surface Studio of Microsoft has already flooded the market. Sometimes later popular tech companies HP and Asus will also produce their own devices to become strong competitors, Digital Trends reported. That means iMac from Apple has to face a stiff competition to capture the lead position in the tech market.

It is a clear fact that consumers can experience an enjoyable contest between the two tech giants Apple and Microsoft with their PCs. Sources say that the production of the upgraded iMac most probably will begin in the month of May 2017. Consumers are now waiting to experience the software and hardware efficiency of the forthcoming upgraded desktop computer from Apple.