Apple reportedly is working on a new product for its consumers. Latest news is saying that the giant tech company is working on its AR glasses after reports of injury concerning leaks to the public. What this latest product will offer and why it is making a big buzz today?

Apple is a multinational technology company that develops, designs, manufactures and sells high-end devices, computer software, and online services. Some of its famous hardware products are iPhone smartphone, iPad tablets, Mac personal computer while its software programs include MacOS and iOS operating and Safari web browser. Its online services comprise iTunes Store, the iOS and Mac App Store and iCloud.

As competition on giving consumers the latest products, Apple appears to be secretly working on a new innovative invention that is still in its developmental stage. However, the said product was exposed after series of injury suffered by people using it leaks.

According to Phone Arena, Apple apparently is already working on its AR glasses after rumors spread for a couple of months that it is what the multinational tech company has been secretly developing. The company believed that Augmented Reality will be "huge" someday that is why they are pushing to have it work out.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of the believers of the AR glasses and is willing to make a big investment on it in the long run. But Apple is not the first who have the concept it, Google already brings the AR to the market by manufacturing the Google Glass. But, the idea became too complicated and costly leaving the giant search engine company to stop its production.

On a separate report by TNW, though it never became successful to Google, Apple are still promoting the AR glasses and later confirms that they are testing headsets designed to cover a 3D image into one's eye. However, some injury reports have floated on what seems to be a trial period for the said product.

One Apple employee experienced a discomfort in her eye after using a prototype device that appears to use a laser. Another employee reported eye pain that was thought to be related to the use of the said prototype device. He also notices that security seal on the magenta (outer) case is broken and thinks that the device has tampered.

Will Apple still push of the production of AR glasses even it incurred injuries to its employees?