Currently, tech enthusiasts are waiting for the next iPhone or iPhone 8 by Apple. Interestingly, new render points out the aluminum shell for the upcoming handset with some new features.

Rumors have been surfacing for some time about the next flagship iPhone by Apple or the iPhone 8. Reports are also emerging to indicate that the Cupertino-based tech giant is testing different prototypes for the upcoming handset. Even a lot of concept videos have already flooded the internet regarding the said smartphone.

Look or design is the first criteria of a device to attract the customers. So far multiple design renders of the iPhone 8 reveals its look. According to Mac Rumors, one render shows the handset with vertical dual lens camera and a hole on the back panel below the company logo. The device may also have an aluminum frame.

But, a new render has appeared that features a new design for the much-discussed iPhone 8. The render is produced by the Instagram user bro. king. The recently surfaced look is mainly based on the previously leaked design.

According to the said render, the shell of the iPhone 8 will be made of silver aluminum that depicts a square design. In a word, the design is almost similar to that of the iPhone 5. No words about the size of the handset are available, though the design schematics points out a probable larger size than the existing iPhone 7.

Now different rumors and the said renders have depicted some features. The iPhone 8 may support vertical dual-lens camera to avail better images than other smartphones. The presence of a hole in the back panel may provide the Touch ID. On the contrary, different rumors are also surfacing that say the hole may support the inductive wireless charging module.

A few days ago Bloomberg stated that Apple is experimenting to have an integrated fingerprint scanner on the front display with OLED version. But, new reports say the tech company is facing some difficulties while doing this. So it is not clear whether the final product or the iPhone 8 will have it on the front or back panel.

Rumors from many different corners also suggest Apple's first implementation of the wireless charging in iPhone 8. Sources say the tech giant will prefer inductive charging solution instead of the long-range wireless charging method. One thing must be clear that the above-mentioned features of the upcoming handset are purely based on the rumors and concepts.

That means it is difficult to say that the ultimate finished product will support all the said characteristics. Though, it is true that rumors of any product are mainly based on the trend of the product's previous history. Now the consumers have to wait some more time to avail the actual look and features of the upcoming iPhone 8.