Apple has been one of the top and well-known manufacturers of high-end devices in the world today. But it seems that one of its product, the MacBook Pro, has never made great prominence since its release. Latest news now suggests some adjustment to the said device as to reestablishes itself in the market.

Apple is a multinational tech company that develops, designs and sells sophisticated hardware products, computer software, and online services. Some of its famous hardware devices are the iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet line, and Mac PCs while their consumer software includes the MacOS and iOS operating system, iTunes media player and Safari web browser.

However, one of Apple recent device, the MacBook Pro, apparently didn't boom as the company expected. Earlier this month, 9 to 5 Mac reported that Apple drops to fifth place in a survey regarding the best laptop brand in the market today. According to the survey, Lenovo takes the first spot which was followed by Asus, Dell, and HP while Apple and Acer apparently are tied in the fifth spot.

Lack of laptop option and the raised at the price of MacBook Pro is said to be the reason for Apple recent plunge in the ranking. Aside from that, many say that some of its design and features are not enticing and user-friendly that is why it never gathered so much interest to consumers. And now, here are some suggestions or key adjustment to make it a competitive one in the market.

According to TechRepublic, Apple should make some changes in the new MacBook Pro to bring back the device to its previous success. First, the device should now be supported by a 32GB+ of RAM just like any other ordinary personal computers. Though the said laptop is currently supported by a 16GB RAM, upgrading it to 32GB would be more appealing to professionals and other consumers wanting to work at a faster pace.

Second, Apple should also upgrade the MacBook Pro to a 4K screen resolution. The 4k screen is the latest innovation in screen technology today and it would be better to replace the retina screen resolution of the device. Third, making the device a Bluetooth 5 capable would be a great enhancement for quick file transfer and expand the range.

Fourth, Apple should also allow the return of higher-capacity batteries to make the MacBook Pro more convenient for longer use during the day. Lastly, it should retain the headphone jack so it still has the ability to charge the device while simultaneously using the headphones. If these key adjustments will push through, it mostly likely that the device could re-establish its prominence in the market.