Climate change had been affecting the planet's weather conditions abnormally. The hotter the weather becomes the more water it vaporizes to the atmosphere. The warmer the atmosphere is, the more moisture it could absorb. In effect, it will be a downpour when the atmosphere breaks to release its heavy load.

But downpours does not help vegetative crops. What we need is drizzling rain that could soak up the soil and water the plants. Instead of water nourishing croplands, downpours will come in large volumes, erode the topsoil and rush back to rivers and back to the sea. Climate change has these scenarios of more water falling from the sky.

This is where the volume of river flows increases. Water vapor that are sources of rain and snowstorms come from, from the way climate Change handles it, 60 percent coming from the oceans and 40 percent comes from the recycling process over the continents. Around the world, as evaporation increases its magnitude, it increases the volume of rain and snow brought down upon the planet, as reported by the  Climate Reality Project.

Climate change increases rain and snow. When the temperature rises due to greenhouse gasses, more water is evaporated to the sky, leaving the soil parched and dry. This is the reason that more areas will be an arid vicinity when this happens. As more water is absorbed in the atmosphere, the releases of water in the form of rain or snow will come in huge volumes causing more floods in various areas of the world, reports

Climate change effects will be a continuous cycle until the planet's temperature is normalized. The average temperature of the planet from 1951 to 1980 is 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees C). Two years ago, the Earth's temperature registered its hottest year ever in the known history of mankind. The temperature was 1.8 degrees F (1 degree C) higher than the 1951 - 1980 benchmarked period up to 2016, according to NASA and NOAA.

There are steps being done, inventions created, innovations tapped to provide a solution to the perennial problem that climate change brings. The planet needs the help of each and every earthling who wants to prolong and present this world to the next generation.