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Choline, Common Nutrient, Becomes The Key Element To Enhance Blood Clotting: Current Research Unveils Fact

Apr 27, 2017 04:43 AM EDT

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Choline, a specific nutrient present in the common foods, may become the clot-enhancing compound with the help of gut bacteria. Current study unveils this essential evidence.

Foods like eggs, meat, and milk contain a particular nutrient, choline. A new research study reveals that gut bacteria play a significant role in turning the nutrient into a blood clotting compound. The abstract of this research study is available in the popular journal Circulation of the American Heart Association.

Excessive blood clotting hampers the smooth flow of blood in the body and leads to heart attack and stroke. Every year a good number of people become the victims of these fatal health problems. For the first time, researchers have succeeded in exploring the direct cause of blood clotting. The study says gut bacteria and choline are the key causes of the blood clotting problem.

Excessive consumption of choline, a common nutrient present largely in a Western diet, may cause severe difficulties, according to Science Daily. The nutrient increases the levels of trimethylamine N-oxide or TMAO, a bacteria-produced compound, and the platelets' tendency to make a bond together. This bond ultimately creates a blood clot. A lot of research studies have already proved that higher levels of blood in TMAO are related to increasing the risk of several heart diseases.

Now the latest study reveals that eating foods that contain higher levels of choline also raise the risk of blood clotting. No doubt the study plays a leading role to explore some unknown facts. Now this research study includes a small test to monitor the outcome.

The researchers had 8 vegetarians and 10 omnivore volunteers who participated in the test. The participants include 40 percent male with an average age of 46 years. They were given choline bitartrate supplements of 500mg twice daily. In a word, the average intake on a daily basis is 302mg and it continues for two months.

The researchers found a set of important outcomes. They found 10 times higher blood levels of TMAO in all the participants after consuming choline supplements for two months. The test result also showed the increasing tendency of the platelets to form clots.

Surprisingly, a daily consumption of the 81mg aspirin reduced the increased TMAO levels. That means the chances of the clot formation was decreased. So the final word is raised TMAO elevate the risk of blood clotting and choline plays a major role in this regard.

Stanley L. Hazen, Ph.D., M.D., and the senior author of the research study utters some significant words. He says foods that increase TMAO may elevate the risk of blood clotting and the thrombotic events. He stresses that use of the choline supplements should be avoided unless they are prescribed by the doctors.

Vegetarian diet or the Mediterranean diet is safe as they help to reduce the TMAO. It is necessary to invent a preventive measure to protect millions of people from heart attacks or stroke. This new discovery about choline and gut bacteria has certainly brought that required breakthrough. Hopefully, the outcome of this study will explore many essential dimensions in the coming days.

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