There are many similar laptops racing towards the goal of being users' ultimate choice. But when it comes to the comparison of Apple Macbook Pro 15 and Dell XPS 15, the competition perhaps turns into a tough call. Both the machines are unbelievably impressive and packed with powerful specs. There are certain parameters where both the devices clash the most. Here are the most uncommon points, which differentiates Apple Macbook Pro 15 from Dell XPS 15.

According to PCWorld, Apple's latest Macbook Pro 15 boasts fours Thunderbolt-USB C Ports alongside a headphone jack. But Dell XPS 15 seems to be more traditional in this take with its headphone jack, a HDMI 1.4 port, Kensington lock port, two USB 3.0 type A ports. Alongside all these, it also boasts a USB 3.1 Thunderbolt Type-C port, having the capacity of 10 Gbps transfer speed. 4K contents can also be transmitted with the help of this port.

As per a report by Donklephant, Apple Macbook 15 boasts a super-fast i7 Processor coupled with AMD Radeon Pro 15 graphics unit. The laptop sports a 16 GB RAM in association with a 256 GB solid-state drive based internal storage. Whereas, Dell XPS 15 is powered by a hardcore and improved Intel Core i7-7700 processor. The device runs with a GTX 1050 graphics unit. As for memory specification, Dell XPS 15 boasts higher attribute than Macbook Pro 15. The machine thrills with a 32 GB RAM fixed with giant 1TB SSD storage memory, which makes it easier for the laptop to evolve high-end multitasking.

It is true that Apple has developed an iconic build up with its Macbook Pro 15. But if a user desires to grab an affordable machine with top-class specs, the Macbook Pro 15 is not his/her cup of tea, which cost about $2,399. Rather Dell XPS 15 would qualify as a better choice in this race. The attractive piece of technology comes with a price tag of $2049.