Apple has long been in the race of top class tech makers for its incredible creations. The company has been mostly praised among tech fans for its eye-catching range of iPads, iPhones, Mac PCs and more. However, the tech giant recently extended its reputation with a new gift of iPad this year. The tremendous device, simply named as 'iPad' boasts some of the best in class specs and features. The most intriguing part that may surprise many buyers of the newest Apple iPad is its cheaper price range.

According to Wired, Apple's latest 'iPad,' which made its official debut back in March 2017, costs only $329. The new device, also popularly known as the 2017 iPad, sports an exclusive 9.7-inch panel. Though, thought to be a successor of Apple iPad Air 2, the spectacular tablet computer actually mocks the outlook of the earlier Apple iPad Air 1, boasting better advancements. The new iPad is compatible with more applications than its predecessors alongside greater power backup as well. The potential sources suggest that the masterpiece holds around 10-hours of constant battery life at a single full charge.

Apart from all these, Apple has also equipped it's voice-powered virtual assistant on the new 9.7-inch Apple iPad. Amazingly, the feature seems to be absent on the higher quotient: the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro. Apple Insider pointed that the fifth generation Apple iPad comes with the superlative support of "Hey Siri." The voice command based helping agent was first introduced by Apple on its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The feature allows the device to be controlled by voice command, without using any physical touch.

All and all, the 2017 Apple iPad stands as one of the best in class creations of Apple. The tremendous tablet computer is now available at Apple Stores alongside all the other prestigious retailers as well as marketplaces.