Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface Laptop, a low-cost $999 laptop running the latest Windows 'S' operating system. While Microsoft claims its latest Surface product on offer is primarily aimed at Students, there are some weak points in the new Surface device especially when it's offered at such a high price. The Surface Laptop is also rivaling the Apple MacBook variants that are offered at a similar price.

Whatever said, Apple knows the days of 4GB of onboard memory is over. Even the most obsolete Apple Macbook Air too, ships with 8GB RAM out of the box. Nobody is currently sure about why Microsoft decided to go ahead with 4GB of RAM on their Surface Laptops especially when 8GB of memory is slowly becoming the base industry standard for memory implementations of computer hardware.

A detailed review from the Pocket-lint mentions that Microsoft has paid great attention towards bringing out a premium device but with no absolute compromise in its hardware specifications. The Surface Laptop features the latest generation of Intel chips while those on the Apple Macbook 2016 are older compared to its competitor product.

Connectivity options for the Surface Laptop include a mini-DisplayPort and a USB 3.0 port. It weighs 2.76 pounds while the Apple 12.1-inch MacBook is slightly less heavy at 2.03 pounds. The Macbook features a USB Type-C port that is compatible with pretty much everything. But as reports from Macworld mentions, they feature a two-year old processor.

While that might not be too concerning for college students, what matters is better memory management which is certainly possible with increased memory capacity where Microsoft is lagging behind with their new Surface Laptop. Overall, the new Microsoft laptop certainly Gives the lowest end Apple MacBooks a run for their money. If Windows 10 S operating system is not too much of a bother, the Surface Laptop is surely a great choice for students who still like to stick with Windows.